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Website Design


Wordpress website built for Preference Pools and Spas in Roseburg, Oregon

Seven13 Design Co. brings over 15 years of graphic design talent and website design expertise essential for creating a stunning final product for your organization and your audience. We offer uniquely created websites using a WordPress platform for stability and growth. The content management systems of a WordPress coded site allow for a variety of plug-ins to greatly extend functionality. Our designs utilize responsive themes and layouts that are compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices. All graphics are created to be retina ready for today’s high resolution devices while being web-formatted for a fast loading website. Each website is built specifically for your business utilizing organic keyword SEO, Google integration tools and site traffic analytics to help guide your marketing decisions year after year. In the end, you’ll have a great looking and functioning tool that represents your organization’s brand to your customers and peers.

Rural Community Builders website design created with The Ford Family Foundation.

The Ford Family Foundation

Rural Community Builder is a movement that celebrates, inspires and connects with people and local groups building their communities’ futures. The website uses custom forms for sharing stories and nominating Rural Community Builders in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.

Southern Oregon Diesel

Southern Oregon Diesel are the Roseburg area’s diesel repair experts. They are a full service, diesel engine mechanic shop and Cummins repair. The previous website was redesigned in WordPress to include more service information, updated photos and improved ranking on search engines.

SelectBooks website built for The Ford Family Foundation for a Free book project.

The Ford Family Foundation

SelectBooks offers a curated library of free books to readers across Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. The website is built using WooCommerce store and in exchange for a leaving a review, visitors can continue to order new books.

Phoenix School of Roseburg website

Phoenix School of Roseburg

The Phoenix School of Roseburg’s mission is to create pathways to college and careers through high standards of academic achievement, career-technical education, and personal growth for students. This website represents the non-profit foundation and special programs beyond the public high school.

Website for Sunrise Enterprises in Roseburg, Oregon

Sunrise Enterprises

Sunrise Enterprises provides employment and community inclusion opportunities to those with disabilities in Douglas County. Their website outlines resources for individual community training, day support activities and employment/services offered by Sunrise. Thrift store information is displayed along with a recent news blog and hiring positions using iframes to display a third party service.

Carollo Law Group website and rebrand.

Carollo Law Group

Carollo Law Group LLC is a general practice law firm based in Southwest Oregon, focusing on the representation of industries, businesses, landowners and local governments with relationships to natural resource sectors. We rebuilt their site in WordPress and developed a new logo and branding.

Preference Pools & Spas website

Preference Pools & Spas

Preference Pools & Spas a full service pool and spa company based in Roseburg, Oregon and serving the greater Douglas County area since 1964. Their website features customer reviews, pool and spa options, installation gallery, maintenance services, water care products and a free quote request form.

Website for the Umpqua Valley Museums that was built in 2013.

Umpqua Valley Museums

The Umpqua Valley Museums consists of the Douglas County Museum of Natural & Cultural History in Roseburg, Oregon and the Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum in Winchester Bay, Oregon. We built this website in 2013 and are in the middle of a new rebuild.

Website for author Sue Ann Baker, first female secret service agent.

Sue Ann Baker

Sue Ann Baker was one of the first five female Secret Service agents and pioneer in federal law enforcement. Her website was a part of her book launch for Behind the Shades. Her website also promotes keynote speaking for women’s groups, history buffs, colleges and law enforcement organizations.

The S13 Process


The Secret Wine Society website links to their Google Reviews.

Web design milestones need to be reinforced with timelines that are realistic and doable. To-do lists may seem elementary at first, but they’re essential for breaking down milestones into easier, more workable chunks.

1. Initial Contact2023-04-21T15:29:43-07:00

This step entails meeting and gathering information. It is extremely crucial since it requires the us to understand the your requirements, company, goals and target audience. We’ll ask questions and understand what the you want perfectly. This will help save a lot of time and work during the website design process.

2. Planning2023-04-21T15:29:36-07:00

The planning stage is another important one on the ladder, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the milestones and timeline for the entire web design project. This is also the stage that requires your interaction and the accompanying attention to detail.

In this phase, we create the site-map and make sure that you have reviewed and approved them. As soon as the site-map for the new site is finalized, we may decide which technologies to use and then design wireframes.

3. Content2023-04-21T15:29:28-07:00

At the heart of every website lies its content. It is what hooks your users and makes your site a powerful and useful tool. A good content plan will increase the presence and usability of your website as well as speed up web development. Keeping your content focused, interesting, informative and useful will all add to its allure.

The timeline for this phase varies greatly depending on the number of pages. Your prompt involvement with gathering information will move the project along faster.

4. Design2023-04-21T15:29:18-07:00

When the visual design cycle starts, we use the content and wireframes to design mockups for you.

We’ll develop a landing page for the website, as well as an inner web page to demonstrate color, font-sizes and precise placement of all the navigation and content elements.

Once you have had a chance to look over the initial designs, we’ll take in feedback or request changes. Then we can continue the process of fine tuning the design until we have your approval.

5. Development2023-04-21T15:29:10-07:00

With designs approved by you, it’s time to flesh out the design of the pages, develop new content and refine old content, create videos, slideshows and other media that will appear on the website.

It also involves coding, validation, cross-platform and browser testing.

In this phase, we’ll have a demo installation, so that you may view and interact with the web pages as they are being developed.

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