1. Initial Contact

This step entails meeting and gathering information. It is extremely crucial since it requires the us to understand the your requirements, company, goals and target audience. We’ll ask questions and understand what the you want perfectly. This will help save a lot of time and work during the website design process.

1. Initial Contact2023-04-21T15:29:43-07:00

2. Planning

The planning stage is another important one on the ladder, because what’s decided and mapped here sets the milestones and timeline for the entire web design project. This is also the stage that requires your interaction and the accompanying attention to detail. In this phase, we create the site-map and make sure that you have

2. Planning2023-04-21T15:29:36-07:00

3. Content

At the heart of every website lies its content. It is what hooks your users and makes your site a powerful and useful tool. A good content plan will increase the presence and usability of your website as well as speed up web development. Keeping your content focused, interesting, informative and useful will all add

3. Content2023-04-21T15:29:28-07:00

4. Design

When the visual design cycle starts, we use the content and wireframes to design mockups for you. We’ll develop a landing page for the website, as well as an inner web page to demonstrate color, font-sizes and precise placement of all the navigation and content elements. Once you have had a chance to look over

4. Design2023-04-21T15:29:18-07:00

5. Development

With designs approved by you, it’s time to flesh out the design of the pages, develop new content and refine old content, create videos, slideshows and other media that will appear on the website. It also involves coding, validation, cross-platform and browser testing. In this phase, we’ll have a demo installation, so that you may

5. Development2023-04-21T15:29:10-07:00